Frances Goodall

Women’s Wellness Circle Co-Founder, Director and Coach
Frances is a therapist, coach, trainer, speaker, mother and the author of ‘You Can Heal Chronic Illness: The Lotus Process, 8 Steps to Health and Happiness’. Over five years, she went from house-bound with chronic fatigue to running half marathons and she’s since spent a decade dedicating her life to supporting 100s of women to recover their health.
Frances is a Master Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Trainer and Advanced Practitioner (AAMET Accredited), a Gupta Amygdala Retraining Coach, and a health recovery coach specialising in supporting women to heal from chronic illness.
For more information on working with Frances in one-to-one coaching sessions, visit her website www.francesgoodall.com

or email her at frances@womenswellnesscircle.com

Moon Teitel

Women’s Wellness Circle  Co-Director and Coach
Moon is a practitioner of the healing arts with over 18 years of experience. She is a certified EFT practitioner (AAMET Accredited), wellness coach, community herbalist, birth and postpartum doula, meditation teacher, biodynamic craniosacral therapist, and pre/perinatal psychology educator.

Moon’s unique life experience makes her a profoundly gifted practitioner. Over the past decade, she has progressively healed from debilitating and life-altering chronic illness that included MCS, EMF Sensitivity, ME/CFS, mycotoxin illness fibromyalgia, multiple infections including lyme, babesia and other tick-born illnesses, viruses and parasites, heavy metal and chemical toxicity. Through years of hard work and skillful practice, Moon has gone from severe limitations that radically altered the fabric of daily life, unable to read, write, or exercise, to living a vibrant life working full-time, swimming, climbing mountains, running, and engaging in ceremony.

Having journeyed through the darkness and back, Moon posseses a deep empathy and capacity for working with the challenging experiences of being human. She brings insight, warmth, creativity, vulnerability, courage, and playfulness to her work, and she has cultivated an unflinching, open-hearted presence of spirit that illuminates every moment she spends with her clients.

For more information on working with Moon in one-to-one coaching sessions, please contact her at moon@presenceheals.com or visit her website www.presenceheals.com

Jen Evans

Women’s Wellness Circle Coach
Jen is a dedicated and compassionate Wellness Coach, EFT Practitioner (AAMET Accredited), teacher, writer and (slightly obsessive!) herb gardener.

Jen spent a lifetime with stress-related illnesses that culminated in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2012. Through her recovery journey she tried – well, everything – and truly started to heal after joining the Gupta Program (for which she is now a trainee coach).

She now strives to support and develop nurturing spaces for others to connect with their true self, and realise their abundant power to heal and live fulfilled lives.

For more information on working with Jen in one-to-one coaching sessions via Skype, please see her website www.balanceandflow.org or email her at jen@womenswellnesscircle.com

Ellie Paskel

Women’s Wellness Circle Coach

Ellie is a Somatic Soul CoachTM, Mindfulness Based Pain Management Teacher and Emerging Kind Peer Group Facilitator. She lives a radical life, guided by the wisdom in her body and is passionate about supporting women to reclaim their health and power.

In 2012, after five years of ‘inexplicable fatigue’ Ellie finally cried “enough! To H#!l with the idea that there’s something wrong with me that has ‘no cause’. In fact, to H#!l to the idea that there’s anything wrong with me at all! I will revere my body, follow its guidance and craft a path of wellness myself”.

And, so, she did. Ellie released her ‘normal life’ and chose to be utterly present to her body; meaning her symptoms (which spoke of Chronic Fatigue and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) opened themselves to her, revealing their secrets and origins. She also uncovered her integrity and self love in the process and midwifed herself through an energetic awakening.

Ellie is a deeply kind, visionary wellness coach and delighted to be part of the Women’s Wellness Circle team. For more information on working with Ellie in one-to-one coaching sessions, please contact her at

epmeditation@gmail.com or visit her website

Amanda Bond

Women’s Wellness Circle Coach
Amanda is a therapist, coach, mentor, trainer, presenter, workshop and Retreat facilitator, as well as emerging writer. With 4 grown children, she now dedicates herself in reciprocity to support others in reclaiming their true selves, and restoring wholeness.

Nature has always been her go to for resource and nurturing self-love. Even when physically immobilised, she ensured she had elements of nature around her. Essential oils, herbs and flower essences supported her healing journey.

Her own direct experience of IBS, ME/CFS, C-PTSD, chronic lower back-pain, and migraines over 35+ years has afforded her strength, resilience, perseverance and a deep-rooted desire to support others who have felt the devastating effects of abuse in all its forms.

Walking in nature has supported that slow pathway to post-traumatic growth – PTG. Not only surviving, but shifting into a way of life that is thriving, abundant, and full of meaning.

Amanda Bond BSc MA BCST BACP
ANFT Nature and Forest Therapy Certified Guide
‘A Wild Soul Woman’ Facilitator

For more information on working with Amanda, visit her Facebook pages:


Joanne Harris

Women’s Wellness Circle Operations Manager and EFT Practitioner
Joanne is from Sheffield. She is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Practitioner and Reiki Master. She is well on her recovery journey from CFS/ME and she credits her recovery thus far to EFT, Reiki, using the Ashok Gupta Recovery Programme, dietary changes and attending and supporting Retreats of The Women’s Wellness Circle. She practises daily meditation
and enjoys Yoga, Tai Chi and walking in nature. She is also interested in Energy Medicine and crystals.
Joanne feels passionate about using the tools and knowledge she has acquired during her journey to help others recover from their own illnesses.

Joanne offers EFT and Reiki in the Sheffield/Chesterfield area. EFT sessions can also be given by skype or over the telephone.

For more information or for a 15 minutes’ free consultation please contact Joanne.
Email: joannehhh2@gmail.com
Phone: 07708488194
Website: https://joanneharris14158.wixsite.com/therapies

Amy White

Women’s Wellness Circle Social Media Coordinator and Mindfulness Practitioner
As a Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga coach, Amy is committed to helping everyone who crosses her path to discover their own inner peace. Amy believes that there’s no illness nor emotional disharmony that cannot be overcome with a healthy relationship between the mind, body and spirit.

For 10 years, Amy endured 7 different illnesses in her body, all of which modern medicine considered to be untreatable. She believed she’d never get better, and the ability to live a normal life would never manifest.

But it did!

For more information about her services/healing journey and to book in for your first free mindfulness and meditation session via Skype, please drop her an email at mindfulnesswithamy@gmail.com or visit her Facebook page: Mindfulness with Amy.

Annabel Rushforth

Women’s Wellness Circle Assistant, Yoga Teacher, Buteyko Practitioner and EFT Practitioner
Annabel is a Yoga teacher, Buteyko practitioner, and a student of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). After years of health conditions such as severe lung issues, intestinal disease, and bi-polar disorder she has reclaimed her life and recovered through the practice of these transformative techniques.

She is now devoted to teaching these and supporting others on their journey to healing. Over the years she has worked either in groups or one-to-one with women with a variety of mental and physical health concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and asthma, empowering them to reconnect with their bodies and reclaim their health.

For more information on working with Annabel one-to-one or attending her groups, visit her website www.annabelrushforth.wordpress.com

Naomi Nygaard MA

Women’s Wellness Circle Contributor, Psychotherapist and Coach
Naomi Nygaard, MA, is an Internal Family Systems Therapist and Food Freedom mentor and coach who has worked with hundreds of women over the years – including herself! – to discover freedom from food and body-image obsession, and a happy, healthy and thriving life.


To discover more about FAB (Food and Body) Freedom and connect with Naomi, visit www.welloa.co.uk