The Dark Gift of Chronic Illness is Intimacy

  Again and again we sit eye to eye with pain. And although we all would have probably chosen an easier path, we can’t help but acknowledge that we’re becoming warriors, armed with reserves of strength, humour and patience we never could have imagined. Every...

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The Healing Power of Women’s Circles

The beauty of circles. As an eleven years old, my favourite thing is the world was being with my three best girlfriends. We were the class geeks, and chose to spend our lunchtimes away from the hustle and bustle of the playground and other kids, sitting in the...

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Oxytocin – The Healing Key Within the Female Body

The benefits of Oxytocin. I just learnt that up until about twenty years ago, all stress research was done on men. The female body’s hormones fluctuate so much that it is challenging to measure hormonal responses, so researchers simply didn’t include them in their...

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