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Wild Medicine

June 25


A Journey into the Heart of Nature’s Healing Power for Women with Chronic Health Challenges

In this 5 week online course, we gather together to discover how nature’s seasons live within our own bodies and how we can harness their power in practical ways to support our journey back to full health.

As a circle of women, we will:

~ Discover how the balanced blossoming of Spring can guide us in creating a self care routine that supports lasting healing.

~ Be inspired by Summer’s abundance to create a vision of vibrant health that we can steadily grow towards.

~ Learn about Autumn’s medicine of surrender and how to let go of behaviors and beliefs that are holding us back in our healing.

~ Follow the gentle call of Winter to turn inwards, renew ourselves and explore the rich healing that can only come from deep rest.

The course includes 2 live calls (replays available afterwards) on June 25th and July 16th at 5pm BST. You will receive self-study content between the calls via email, and Sophie will be available to answer your questions and share your experiences during Office Hours on July 1st at 10.30am BST and 22nd July at 4pm BST.

Deepening into the Earth’s embrace in world circles of healing through the Women’s Wellness Circle has quenched a thirst I had for connection with other women on a healing journey.
~ Oak Trillium, USA

I feel as if a massive burden – which I’ve been dragging around with me nearly all my life – has dissolved into a fine mist.
I know now where to find the guidance and support I need. Thank you.
~ Hilary, UK


Some of the benefits of this course include:

~ You’ll have an embodied experience of the healing medicine of the seasons.

~ You’ll learn nature-inspired practical tools and techniques to support your on-going healing.

~ You’ll experience a grounding, enlivening mediation called Earth-Breathing.

~ You’ll discover how the seasons are alive in our bodies within our own menstrual cycles, and how to harness our natural rhythms to recover full health.


Nature has been my best friend on my healing journey;
The peace of running water,
the strength of tree roots as they grip rock,
the heart-song beauty of the sunset,
the medicine of green leaves and wide skies…

They call me home to the part of me that is unbroken.
Where I remember I am being breathed by trees,
and hugged by gravity to the patient earth.

Chronic illness initiates us into a heroine’s journey.
Time and time again we sit eye to eye with pain,
wrestle with fatigue and frustration,
dance the boom and bust tango of good days and flare-ups,
and quietly wonder if we will ever recover.

On this warrior initiation, I feel Nature can be our truest ally;

That’s why I’m excited to invite you this free online event!
It is an introduction to our upcoming online course ~ Wild Medicine.

It will be full of my learnings and inspirations
from ten years of sacred feminine geekery and immersing myself in ancient, nature wisdom teachings.

I can’t wait to explore this rich and juicy territory with you!


June 25


Sophie Jane Mortimer