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The Women’s Wellness Circle is an online membership community of big-hearted, courageous women ready to support you to fully recover your health.

Are you a woman recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Lymes Disease, an autoimmune disorder, another chronic health condition or burnout?

Would you like to be part of an inspiring circle of sisterhood that will help take your health (and your entire life) to an extraordinary new level?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions we invite you to join our membership community so you can receive support, encouragement and inspiration as you face the challenges of healing chronic illness.


Powerful Group Coaching Sessions With Frances

Experience soulful, enriching group coaching sessions. Benefit from the decade of experience from supporting women to heal.


Inspiring, vibrant global community of women

Meet like-minded women, all on the warrior journey home to full health.


All the 2018 Women's Wellness Council Interviews and Practices

Receive lifetime access to this interview series of inspiring and catalytic conversations and practices with twelve pioneers of healing and feminine awakening.

Registration closes at Midday Wednesday 1st August.

£95/$133 USD gives you access to the circle for three months. You will be automatically subscribed to the next round, and you can cancel this anytime.

Join the Circle and You Will...


Expand your support network

And be held, supported, understood and seen by a circle of like-minded women.

Improve your health

So you can do the things you love again and give your unique gifts to the world.

Receive inspiring practices

To help you connect to your feminine wisdom and trust in your body’s innate healing response.

Get a fresh perspective

Be supported to see your life challenges in a new light, and develop a trust in your ability to grow through them.

Discover the insights and gifts

That are hidden within your health challenges, and how they can help to reveal more of who who truly are.

Step on the road to wellness

See a life free of illness, with a clearly defined path to get there.

Learn powerful tools

To move through pain, fatigue and challenging emotions and experience more ease, peace and joy.

Receive wisdom from wise women

Receive guidance and wisdom from pioneers of healing and feminine awakening to inspire and support you to move towards greater freedom, health and purpose.

How does the community work?


The Women’s Wellness Circle community is a rare and sacred space.

If you’re ready to commit to reclaim your health, in ways that honour your female body, we sincerely hope we have the chance to sit beside you in this circle of support.

It’s designed to put YOU back in charge of what’s most important — your vitality, joy and sense of purpose — and give you the clarity, tools and support you need to create optimum conditions for health, on your own terms.

Here’s what you’ll receive

When you join you’ll be invited to a private, nurturing Facebook community, with guided weekly practices from Frances and Jen, monthly group coaching calls, and support and encouragement from a circle of like-minded women. You’ll also receive lifetime access to all of the interviews and practices from the Women’s Wellness Council 2018.

The coaching calls will happen on August 1st, September 5th and October 3rd. We’ll send you a recording if you aren’t able to join in live.

You’ll also receive lifetime access to the all of the 2018 interviews and downloadable practices.

Registration closes Midday August 1st.

I'm Ready!

I’m ready to commit to my healing and to be held and supported by a circle of women as I do.

Registration closes at Midday Wednesday August 1st.

Who are we?

The Women’s Wellness Circle is founded by women who have walked the rocky, wild road from chronic health challenges home to full health and a sense of deep purpose. Women who are passionate and committed to sharing the tools and techniques that helped her heal, to support as many women as possible to reclaim their health and know their calling.

Frances works with a team of women (like Jen mentioned below) who have used The Women’s Wellness Circle to support them on their own journey to health. Our uniquely feminine approach combines the power of nurturing women’s circles with the tried-and-tested healing techniques that have supported us and thousands of women to tap into our own feminine wisdom, and fully heal.



What the women in our circle are saying…

“The Women’s Wellness Circle has really helped me understand how important it is to care for and love yourself in order to heal. Sophie and Frances are both so warm and listening to their heartfelt stories and feeling how they really want to help others makes being a part of this amazing. It’s wonderful to be able to listen in from home and feel the sisterhood and support. It is peaceful, powerful and has brought harmony to the depths of my soul. All the tools and exercises shared has been great to use on my journey towards full recovery from ME/CFS.”

~ Jen,

“I love the powerful, strong and gentle way that you both work. You make no apologies for being women and rather celebrated how we are and not what we are not. It is so great for me. Whenever I have an illness I go back to your acceptance and surrender meditation Frances, or even around my period. Thank you. Fabulous. I realise how much I have learnt from your online courses, the retreat and The Women’s Wellness Council. Keep up your beautiful work”


Frequently Asked Questions


How does the membership work?

Once you are registered, you will be sent a welcome email which will contain the dates for upcoming group coaching calls with Frances,  your link to receive The Women’s Wellness Council recordings and you will be sent a link to the private Facebook group.

How does payment for the membership work and is it refundable?

Your first payment of £95 will subscribe you for three months. Towards the end of the initial three month period, we will email you with more information on the next three months of membership. You will be automatically subscribed for the next round after 3 months unless you choose to cancel your membership- which you can do at anytime. Once the payment has gone through it is non-refundable.

How do the group coaching calls work?

The monthly group coaching calls will happen online and we will email your call-in detail as well as post them in the Facebook group. You can join in online or on the phone, using a local phone number. During the call we will do a practice together and explore a theme of health recovery from the perspective of body, mind, emotions, heart or soul, and there will be some Q and A time.

What if I can’t join the coaching calls live?

You’ll receive an email after each session with the recording, and we’ll also post it in the Facebook group.

How do I know if this is for me or not?

This membership community is for you if you are a woman seeking support with your recovery from chronic health condition such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, an Autoimmune Condition or another Chronic Health Condition. This is also for you if you are experiencing burnout or want support to achieve optimal health.

You’re in the right place if you’re also interested in experiencing full health and giving your gifts to the world.

How do I get into the community Facebook Circle?

When you register we will send you an email with a link to the Facebook group. You’ll need to request to join, and we’ll add you as soon as we can.

I don’t use Facebook, how can I stay connected to the group and benefit from the community?

Many women choose to set up a Facebook profile just so that they can access the group – it is such a sanctuary of support, connection and inspiration. However, if you aren’t into Facebook and would rather not join, there will be opportunity to connect during the calls, either by writing your messages and questions if you are joining online, or speaking them into the circle if you join in on the phone.

You will also receive lifetime access to all the the interviews from The Women’s Wellness Council 2018.

I haven’t received my welcome email – what shall I do?

Please email to let us know, and we will do everything we can to get the email to you. Sometimes emails get blocked by email providers, to help prevent this, please add to your contacts. You may also want to check your spam box. If you find them there be sure to unmark them as spam – that will ensure the course emails will be able to arrive in your inbox.

My question isn’t answered here, what should I do?

Please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.